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Nico Schriever

eLearning Consultant

With eLearning, your company bears an even higher potential to develop knowledge, learn new skills or enhance existing learning structures. I would like to help you use the full capabilities of your firm and significantly enhance training programs as well as reduce costs.
With great passion and skill, I am working on eLearning-platforms, their implementation and also on the creation of eLearning-courses. I would love to share this passion and my knowledge with you and as a result help your company towards sustained success.

Advantages of eLearning

Corporate eLearning bears many advantages. These are for example: reduced costs, quick learning success or the easy scalability. Let me help you develop all these advantages and greatly improve training within your company.

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My Services

  • General consulting regarding the topic of E-Learning
  • Analysis of the specific need in the company
  • Entire analysis, consulting and realization of a eLearning-platform, specified to your company.
  • Creation of eLearning-materials and courses
  • Hosting of a eLearning-Platform
  • Support and extension of existing eLearning-patforms and -materials.
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Individual Concept

My way of working and my eLearning-concepts adapts individually to your requirements. Regardless whether your company already uses eLearning or whether you are new to the topic. The specific concept which I develop for your use-case also adapts to all other factors which define your company: firm size, branch, company culture, corporate language, compliance-rules, etc.

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The four steps towards a successful eLearning-platform


  • Which advantages can eLearning have for your company?
  • In which areas is it beneficial to replace or support a face-to-face-training with an eLearning-course?
  • Which resources are needed for the implementation (time, work hours, resources)?
  • What are the long-term goals of your corporate training strategy?

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  • Developed specifically to meet your company’s needs
  • Detailed draft including plans for time, employee-resources and budget in order to ensure a successful eLearning-project.
  • Adaptable for the greatest possible flexibility in the implementation process
  • Preparation for future extensions and innovations

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  • Professional support in the implementation process of an eLearning-platform or digital learning materials
  • IT-installation and distribution of the eLearning-platform
  • Production of the learning materials (text, video, audio, interactive content)
  • Generation of interactive web-based-trainings, tests, and training-analyses

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Extension and Support

  • First- and second-level support via phone, email or video-conference before, during and after the project completion
  • Adaptation of the eLearning-system or the digital learning materials to new requirements and areas of application.
  • Training of employees who will be working with the eLearning-system.

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I'm looking forward to working with you on your eLearning ideas!

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