Nico Schriever

ELearning has the great potential to spread education and knowledge across the whole globe.

“Elearning provides companies, universities and other institutions a great possibility to distribute knowledge and information to employees, customers or students. I would love to tap this great potential together with you and your company and help you use eLearning in the most optimal way.” – Nico Schriever

Nico Schriever’s multi-year experience in large corporations and universities in the area of eLearning and employee-training provides him with great expertise in the areas eLearning-platforms, training organization, project management and IT-infrastructure. He has steadily expanded and confirmed this knowledge in courses and trainings.

The specialty of Nico Schriever comprises common Learning Management Systems and eLearning authoring tools. He combines his expert knowledge with knowledge from a team of eLearning-specialists and freelancers from the areas of software development, graphic design and learning development.

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